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    The word 'leasing' is not quite synonymous with the word 'hire'. The two concepts do have a few elements in common, but there are all sorts of important differences that make leasing particularly attractive:

    • Leasing covers components of financing, especially since - depending on the contract - the acquisition of the leased object is expressly offered from the beginning, after the expiry of the basic leasing time.
    • Contract durations that can generally be freely selected and - depending on the type of contract - the assumption of the recycling risk of a returned leased object after the end of the contract by WashTec help you to cope with economic fluctuations and make innovation management easier.
    • Although, with leasing, you do not acquire any ownership of the item during the duration of the lease, you generally act as the owner. For example, you take care of the necessary maintenance of the leased item and choose where the necessary insurance policies are taken out.
    • Because leased items are recorded in the accounts of the leasing company and not the user, and leasing instalment payments are tax-deductible operating expenses, leasing represents an attractive strategic accounting and finance option for you.


    Would you like to know which form of financing is the best one for you?

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