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Tuning for your car wash business

Your car wash business will only flourish if customers can also see what you’re offering. You can find the advertising material available in our shop.


Our advertising materials can now be ordered online. Visit our online shop:





Harness these opportunities to vitalise your car wash business:


Professional brand presence

With the advertising material provided by WashTec, you can advertise with the CarWash by WashTec brand and capitalise on the familiarity of the world’s leading provider of innovative vehicle washing solutions.


Communicate quality

Quality is what makes the difference. Not just for car washes – but for your brand presence too. Get that professional touch here too – with advertising materials from WashTec.


Professional expertise

Harness the experience of true car wash professionals:
WashTec helps you fly the flag – in the truest sense of the word! Think of the advertising materials as a collection of ideas that you can use to your advantage.


Top specialism

The WashTec advertising materials covers the different requirements of petrol stations / dealerships, automatic car washes and self-service car washes separately. This means that you can find in our shop everything you need for a professional presence with effective advertising for your car wash business.


If you have any queries or suggestions about the advertising materials, please send us a message!


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