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    Recommended for all washing systems

    Your advantages with the WashTec cleaning and care programme:

    • Very economical and effective.
    • Powerful cleaning agents – brilliant shine.
    • A solution for every cleaning challenge.
      Ideal tenside combination. Streak-free.
    • Safe products. Vehicle finish, washing materials and equipment are treated gently.
    • New fragrances add excitement to the wash process.
    • The right product to solve every problem (e.g. water quality).
    • The care programme well-suited to water recycling installations, and waste water limitations are adhered to.
    • All products are biologically degradable and free from hydrofluoric acid.

    The full programme for your washing business

    The full programme for your washing business.

    • Perfect pre-wash. For insect residue, honeydew or bird droppings you can count on the WashTec special products.
    • Powerful wash with active-foam. Dense, voluminous foam, with optional freshness fragrance, turns the car wash into an experience for your customers.
    • Care with all-round protection. The best protection against harmful environmental influences is provided by regular vehicle care with WashTec waxes and polishes.
    • Drying for a shiny finish. Our special products dramatically improve drying results.
    • Products for use in water treatment installations. Optimise your water treatment results with WashTec products.
    • Cleaning and care products for all washing systems and workshops. Specific solutions for special cleaning tasks.

    Profitability and environmental compatibility

    Our cleaning and care systems guarantee clean vehicles and provide great value for the customer. But WashTec not only offers profitability and effectiveness – we also focus on achie ving the highest possible degree of environmental compatibility.

    Stricter quality checks, adherence to high environmental standards and all legal regulations are as much a given for us as the excellent biological degradability of our products – without using biocide or biostatically active raw materials.

    • Cost savings through dosage quantity reductions of effectively concentrated products.
    • Cost reductions through improved process water quality and thereby lowered fresh water consumption.
    • Reducing disposal costs through reduced sludge formation.

    WashTec Chemicals: Ideal price and service.

    • Our aspiration: The best cleaning and care solution for all washing systems. Who could develop a better vehicle care programme than the leading washing systems manufacturer?
    • Now WashTec gives you a complete product range which is fully geared towards progressive vehicle washing and care requirements: reliable, effective, economical and environmentally safe.
    • This starts with the ideally coordinated range of detergents and care products for vehicle washing systems and ranges from our comprehensive assortment of products for cleaning and care of washing system and hall to our special water treatment solutions. All of these products are available from one source.


    • Professional advice on the correct use of our chemical products in car washes.
    • Service to adjust the installation to WashTec chemical products.

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