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    Professional car washing from the world market leader

    Professional car care maintains the value of your vehicle and enhances your driving enjoyment – ideally using car wash systems produced by WashTec, the world market leader.


    AutoBild has tested it: caring for your car properly can increase its resale value by 1,000 euros


    AutoBild (issue 21/2003) investigated the effect of a clean vehicle on the car's resale value and found: regular car care maintains the value of the car - and that gives you more cash when you sell your vehicle, if not before. The experts rated the test Mercedes as being worth around 1,000 euros more after full professional clean.

    These tips will help you enjoy your car for even longer:

    Car care advice
    WashTec Car care advice
    Practical and effective: WashTec's car-care tips.
    Everything about SofTecs
    WashTec SofTecs
    SofTecs® washing material creates a shine without brush marks and protects your car.
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    Our partners can also provide valuable information about caring for your vehicle.

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    WashTec AUWA-Chemie

    Recommended for all washing systems
    The cleaning and care range from the number 1 in the car wash business.

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