Carwash Management
WashTec is present in over 60 countries worldwide. Whichever country you want to operate your car wash business in, we’ll support you.
WashTec Carwash Management

For 15 years, we have been looking after car wash networks across
europe for our customers.

We provide car wash technology from the world market leader WashTec and take care of the systems’ complete maintenance requirements throughout the term of the contract. Our employees look after all issues relating to day-to-day operations, provide the required chemicals, advise on marketing activities of all kinds and coordinate all activities on site. With just one contact, you can steer your entire car wash network and still keep your own organisation streamlined.
WashTec carwash management buys the car wash system and takes care of the financing and provision at its own risk. All you pay is an agreed share of the sales achieved.

The benefi ts for you: no expansion of your balance sheet, no risk and positive profit margins at all times.

WashTec Carwash Management – a profitable partnership.
WashTec Carwash Management

you provide the site and we’ll supply everything you need for a successful car wash business. you profit from constantly-positive profit margins without having to take on any investment risk of your own.


you harness the revenue-generating possibilities of the car wash business without having to invest. This leaves you the option of investing in other attractive areas of business. we take care of all investments and amortisations.

washTec carwash management has been an experienced partner to leading petroleum companies for 15 years and has mastered every detail of the car wash business. we are happy to pass on our knowledge to you.

we operate our sites with our own staff, take care of maintenance ourselves, and look after everything from controlling to invoicing.

washTec is present in over 60 countries worldwide. no matter where your business is located, we’ll support you.

Earn money the easy way. We’ll show you how.

We also provide tailor-made financing solutions.

Examples of fi nancing options:


Combination of several services (technology, financing, chemicals, marketing, training, peripherals, etc.) for a fixed monthly instalment:

  • fixed instalments make budget planning easier
  • no capital tie-up with the right contract design
  • no administrative outlay


Combination of several services (technology, financing, chemicals, marketing, training, peripherals, etc.) for a fixed cost instalment / proportion of the sale per wash:

  • tremendous risk limitation thanks to the conversion of fixed costs to variable costs
  • no capital tie-up with the right contract design
  • no administrative outlay
  • always-positive profit margins


Sharing of the profits between the contract parties following the deduction of all operational costs:

  • high, equally-pegged interest of both partners in success
  • tremendous risk limitation thanks to takeover of investment by washTec carwash management
  • no capital tie-up
  • professional car wash partner

Of course, we will develop an individual fi nancing concept tailored to your personal requirements.


Make it easy to earn money.

We show you how.


Mrs. Silvia von Rhein looks forward to talking with you:


WashTec Carwash Management GmbH

Argonstraße 7

86153 Augsburg

Telephone: +49 (0)821-55 84 - 0
Telefax: +49 (0)821-55 84 - 16 28


Or simply contact us.

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