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  • Drying
    complete perfection

    Perfect drying results complete the professional wash. From the simple fan drying to the swinging cloth dryer - everything is possible:

    • Various options thanks to the flexible combination of top and side
      , fixed or linear-travel
    • Contour-tracking overhead dryer with fixed or optional rotary
      roof nozzle
    • Rotary roof nozzle can be programmed for many different angles
    • Integral effect optimised air flow from the roof nozzle also dries
      vehicle sides
    • Linear-travel overhead dryer prolongs the exposure time and thus
      improves the drying effect
    • Safety features - dual flat belts to prevent damage and 4 rubber safety rails react on contact
    • Top blower dryer made from stainless steel
    • Effective drying thanks to 4 overhead and 2 side blower dryers
    • Since the power assembly is fixed, there is no danger of it colliding with
    • An addition mirror-rear dryer gives increased drying at the sides, mirror and rear end.
    • Two independent blowers of 3 kW each provide extra drying at difficult points.
    • They are installed in front of the blower dryer or integral dryer.
    • Aluminium side nozzles, powder coated
    • Available as side dryer only, too
    • Textile roller dryers using tried and tested linear technology give outstanding drying results at the front and rear end.
    • The roof and side rollers give drying results that meet the toughest requirements with their all-round polishing drying.
    • Available in stainless steel.
    • Additional drying of horizontal surfaces by the swinging cloth dryer.
    • Available with a pod and 112 cloths or 2 pods running in opposite directions and 224 cloths.
    • Continuous cloth dryers gently remove remaining droplets.
    • Installed behind the blower dryers as supplementary dryers.
    • The ends of the cloth strips suspended on brackets can be replaced simply using the Velcro fastenings.
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