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the curtain-raiser to unlimited washing pleasure

At the entrance itself, you lay the foundations for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • The multi-functional, splash-protected terminal is quick and easy to use.
  • The integrated chipcard system with receipt printer processes payments reliably and rapidly.
  • Now available in stainless steel!
  • The Profit Manager software automatically records all wash data and provides a fast, simple evaluation in diagram form.
  • Many helpful functions, such as integrated invoice production, remote inquiry via modem and data transmission to MS Excel make costs management easier.
  • Attractive programme and price displays provide customers with a rapid overview.
  • The modern LED Highlight Displays can show any texts, images or animations you required.
  • Large display for program confirmation notifies customers of the services that have been provided
  • Format 1000 mm x 1600 mm
  • With integrated spot lights indicating the services that have been provided
  • The pre-wash module supplying the high-pressure lances is designed for extreme continuous use.
  • The pump control is low-noise, installed in the technical room.
  • The attractive drive-in gantry variants in "Multi" or "Star" design show the selected vehicle care services and tell the driver what to do with clear traffic light signals.
  • A technical refinement: Light barriers integrated into the arch optimise the washing processes by exactly measuring the vehicles.

SoftLine Vario: “Smart” Drive-in Portal

  • Mapping of up to six programs
  • Illuminated cross-member
  • Optimal LED price display
  • Up to 3 spray systems can be integrated: Chemical pre-spraying, rim wash, foam system
  • Integrated light barriers optimise washing processes through exact measurement of the vehicle
  • Optimised application of chemicals for even wetting of the vehicle
  • Can also be used as a portal carwash in the area of vehicle care
  • Open and closed conveyor systems with low above-floor height and smooth, rounded edges protect tyres and tyre rims.
  • The infinitely variable gentle start-up and movement plates to assist entry also make less practiced customers feel secure.

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