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    Environmental Protection
    WashTec environmental protection
    WashTec PrimaKlima

    WashTec – environmentally conscious use of resources and eco-friendly products.


    Our active contribution to protection of the environment

    One principle of WashTec’s business practices is to use resources as efficiently as possible and, with the environmentally friendly WashTec products, to make a further contribution to careful use of the available resources.

    Environmental protection in the manufacturing process

    WashTec has been certified according to ISO 14001 since the year 2000. This standard, which is recognised worldwide, defines the requirements on environment management systems. Group-wide environmental objectives are defined regularly, and measures to achieve them are decided upon and then implemented and measured in the form of projects. Both the achievement of the objectives and the environmental management system are inspected regularly, and documented in an annual Management Review. A process of continuous improvement is used to achieve a company’s self-defined objectives with regard to its own environmental performance.

    This is best illustrated by a couple of examples of CO2 emission, waste management and facility recycling at WashTec:

    • WashTec contributes to the reduction of radioactive waste and emission of CO2, because 30% of the electricity that WashTec purchases for Headquarters and for the main production location in Augsburg is generated using renewable energies. This figure is significantly higher than the German nationwide average of 18%.
    • In addition, all new diesel vehicles purchased by WashTec since 2007 are fitted with particle filters. This can reduce the particle emission per vehicle by as much as 99%.
    • With production waste and the return of used facilities, WashTec has to deal with a total of several thousand tonnes of residual materials a year. These are systematically registered unmixed. With rigorous separation of the usable residual materials (e.g. metals and metal sheets), the sale of these residual materials can generate revenue. Dismantled facilities are either recycled or professionally disposed of by service companies.
    • The specifications for WashTec’s own machine development always include the requirement that the recycling capability of the products be as complete as possible.
    • Today, WashTec is in a position to be able to reuse practically all existing peripheral components in the case of a machine being replaced – right down to parts of the controls.

    Environmental protection through WashTec products

    The WashTec AG business model includes a commitment to sustainable environmental protection, and its products and their functionality also contribute actively to protection of the environment:

    • When vehicles are machine-washed, the water and other substances, such as shampoo and oils, are kept within a closed circuit, and thus cannot penetrate the soil or the ground water.
    • The use of water-conditioning systems contributes considerably to reducing the consumption of fresh water in car washes: to 14-30 litres per wash, as opposed to the 120-170 litres per wash without a conditioning system. WashTec offers mechanical, biological and chemical water-conditioning systems for all vehicle-washing facilities.
    • Each new generation of WashTec carwash facilities uses less fresh water. Today, the consumption of fresh water has been reduced to such an extent that no more fresh water is used for washing than is carried away by the washed vehicle.
    • WashTec facilities fulfil the current legal environmental regulations and, with car-washing by hand prohibited in Germany, offer an alternative that is environmentally friendly because it saves fresh water. WashTec also anticipates increasing regulation in markets with lower ecological standards or greater water scarcity. This means further potential for the environmentally friendly machine carwash with water-conditioning systems. In northern Europe, the ecopolitical requirements are already becoming more and more strict, and a prohibition of car-washing by hand is being discussed in other countries, too. In Scandinavia, WashTec has already received the “Nordic White Swan” environmental awards for particularly ecofriendly water-conditioning systems and carwash facilities.

    We assume that the requirements on water conditioning and water recovery will continue to rise, in view of the increasing scarcity of water as a resource. With our products, we are optimally equipped to face this.
    You will find more information about this and other topics in our Sustainability Report

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