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    The entry level model

    The EasyWash – The entry level model for your car washing requirements

    • Effective washing with optimum cost-benefit ratio
    • Little maintenance required
    • Compact, uncomplicated system
    • Low consumption

    The basic configuration of the EasyWash provides the full scope.


    Ideal for professional car washing

    Compact size for high performance

    • Wider entry lane up to 2.05 metres for large and small cars
    • Optimum dimensions of 2.81 m, 3.11 m, 3.41 m
      and 3.71 m.
    • Ideal washing heights of 2 m, 2.30 m, 2.60 m and 2.90 m

    Design: EasyWash Plus

    Direct attention to your car wash.
    The individual design “Plus” with new LED-Lights is available in three colour variations.


    Technology from the market leader - Quality at a reasonable price

    The high quality materials and workmanship ensure that
    the system will operate continuously and reliably with low
    maintenance costs.


    Gentle washing material

    The gentle washing material made from foamed polyethylene washes thoroughly without leaving marks.


    High-pressure pre-wash removes stubborn dirt

    High-pressure rinsing is advisable after coarse dirt particles have been dissolved. The EasyWash comes with optional 16 bar highpressure side spraying system.


    Wheel cleaning – a “must” in any car wash system.

    Wheel washing brushes give the wheels a thorough cleaning.


    Adapted side washers – complete wash, clean all over

    The side washers are angled during the forwards movement and straight when the car wash reverses. This ensures that the washing result will be outstanding for any shape of vehicle.


    Perfect drying

    The design of the dryer effectively forces the water droplets downwards away from the roof and sides of the vehicle. This helps to dry the sides of the vehicle and also provides all-round drying.


    Equipment options increase the performance capability of the EasyWash

    Extend the performance range of your system with options such as the underbody wash.

    WashTec Umweltsiegel

    Environmental aspects 

    • Our systems deliver the best possible cleaning result with the lowest possible use of energy and raw materials.
    • A WashTec gantry system with water recovery uses 30 litres less fresh water per cycle than a domestic washing machine.
    • Closed system circuits prevent used water, shampoo and oil residue from entering the ground unhindered.
    • Maximum possible recycling rates: even the technical specifications for developing a WashTec machine include specific details on optimum recyclability.


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