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  • Gantry car washes SoftCare
    experience the future of car washes
    Generation SoftCare2
    WashTec Generation SoftCare²

    Discover the car wash of the future
    SoftCare Pro Classic XL 320
    WashTec SoftCare² Pro

    For vehicles up to 3.20m high and 2.60m wide
    SoftCare2 Pro
    WashTec SoftCare² Pro
    The All-rounder

    600 to 1,200 washes/month

    SoftCare2 Pro Touchless
    WashTec SoftCare² Pro
    The variable

    The car wash for special demands
    SoftCare2 Juno
    WashTec SoftCare² Juno
    The fastest

    more than 1,200
    SoftCare2 Takt
    WashTec SoftCare² Takt
    The specialist

    more than 1,200

    The ideal solution for every requirement

    Are you looking for the right car wash for your location? Maybe you're not sure which system is best suited to your needs.


    The product configuration will help you decide

    Detailed search

    More than 7000 locations in Germany

    You will find your nearest SofTecs car wash here...

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    Financial Services

    Rent or lease?
    This is where you'll find the right financing...

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    WashTec AUWA-Chemie

    Recommended for all washing systems
    The cleaning and care range from the number 1 in the car wash business.

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    Shows & Events
    WashTec Show & Events

    Fascinating discoveries
    Discover WashTec at the world's most important trade fairs...

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    Car Wash Marketing

    Your success is our success
    Our tuning for your washing business...

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