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    use every potential: more capacity for faster service.

    Get the most profit from locations with a high visitor rate. Offer your customers a multi-bay system for fast, thorough vehicle care without waiting times.

    Are you looking for a profitability investment option with a high return on investment without a major outlay? Talk to our advisers – you'll be amazed at what's possible.

    These are the special features that characterise our multi-bay systems:

    Easy handling

    In the rack-system variant for existing rooms, or as a complete container with integrated units, clearly structured, easily accessible and simple to operate.


    Economical operation

    WashTec's HobbyWash technology allows economical operation.

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    Important details

    Durable, low-maintenance components ensure lasting operation. Technical refinements convince customers.

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    Modular design

    WashTec HobbyWash technology is based on a modular structure. Components that can be individually combined allow you to design your vehicle wash flexibly depending on size and equipment.

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    Appealing steel structure design to attract customers

    Washing bays in attractive designs give customers a feeling of high quality and make your self-service carwash look attractive.

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    Attractive additional options

    With additional options, you can expand the service your offer and increase turnover still further


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