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    SofTecs® car washes near you

    Do you want to wash your vehicle particularly carefully and gently with SofTecs®? We can provide you with a list of all the SofTecs® car washes near you.

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    Do you have any more questions, or are you interested in what WashTec has to offer? Our external sales staff are close by.

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    Would you like to have your system serviced, or do you need a part? Our Service staff are close by.

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    WashTec Show & Events

    Fascinating discoveries
    Discover WashTec at the world's most important trade fairs...

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    Detailed search

    More than 7000 locations in Germany

    You will find your nearest SofTecs car wash here...

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    WashTec company

    Improved market proximity
    The sales and service structure from WashTec...

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    Investor Relations
    WashTec Investor Relations

    The latest 
    9-month report
    WashTec continued dynamic development...

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