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    Cuddling your car

    SofTecs® is the latest innovation from WashTec. This particularly soft, foamed polyethylene cleans even sensitive paints without leaving the slightest mark.


    SofTecs® locations near you


    You're bound to find SofTecs® somewhere near you. Simply enter your postcode to obtain a list of all the car wash facilities that are fitted with SofTecs®:


    SofTecs® is the softest material there's ever been. Find out for yourself.

    No risks - and lots of benefits

    The new supersoft material SofTecs® made from foamed polyethylene removes dirt more gently than any other material can.


    Washing new cars - looking new stays looking new.

    New paint is no problem. With new cars, maintaining the shine is particularly important. SofTecs® wash materials keep the paint shining permanently. Many car manufacturers are convinced of this and have been using SofTecs® successfully for years.


    Dark colours - brilliant shine.

    Conventional PE brush materials leave fine brush marks on the paintwork. These form a slight grey shimmer. But with SofTecs® that's a thing of the past. The paint keeps its shine even after numerous washes as the material leaves no trace.


    Scientifically proven

    SofTecs® leaves no brush marks, even after 300 washes. This has been scientifically proven.


    Staying ahead

    With SofTecs®, you actively help maintain the value of your vehicle. Because the right care considerably increases the resale value of the vehicle. This was one of the results of a test carried out by AutoBild.


    Gentle power

    An additional high-pressure prewash rinses even stubborn dirt particles from dirty vehicles under gentle pressure. Another way of increasing turnover.


    SofTecs® is the washing material of the future. 90% of all new WashTec machines roll out with SofTecs.

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