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    The gentle, effective washing provided by SoftCare® Evo will convince your customers and increase their loyalty to your company:


    All SoftCare® gantries can be fitted with SofTecs®. SofTecs® washing material creates a shine without brush marks.


    Microprocessors control the ideal distance between the washing elements and the vehicle, thus ensuring even cleanliness.


    The side washers are angled during the washing process and automatically matched to the shape of the vehicle. This ensures an outstanding washing result whatever the shape of the vehicle.


    Perfect cleanliness through innovative drying technology:

    • Tilting roof nozzle for better drying results
    • Wipers wipe the drops from the frame sections after washing. This prevents troublesome dripping and water stains on the vehicles

    A wide range of attractive additional options, such as prewash programmes, wax programmes, wheel rim cleaning or underbody washing, ensure an optimum washing result.

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    WashTec AUWA-Chemie

    Recommended for all washing systems
    The cleaning and care range from the number 1 in the car wash business.

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