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The perfect addition for a successful car wash business

Harness all the opportunities that the car wash business provides and offer your customers additional services. You’ll find all the products you need in our new CarWash-Shop: vacuum cleaner, pre-spray devices, mat cleaners and much, much more.


WashTec www.carwash-shop.com

Our supplementary products can now also be ordered online. Visit our online shop:






WashTec offers you an extensive range of products:

Self-service vacuum cleaner

Self-service vacuum cleaners are a must-have for any car wash facility. For cleanliness inside and out.


Wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Whether it be wet or dry dirt – the wet/dry vacuum from WashTec simply sucks it all up.


Mat cleaning

Perfect cleanliness, and that goes for the car’s floor mats too.


Spray devices

WashTec supplementary equipment rounds off your cleaning portfolio: pre-sprayers, fragrance sprayers and more.


Money-changing machines

Self-service car washes featuring the perfect add-ons: money-changing machines from WashTec.


Other items

Waste boxes, roofs for weather protection, etc.


If you have any questions or suggestions about our supplementary products, please send us a message!


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