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  • WashTec environmental seal
    New WashTec environmental seal
    WashTec environmental seal

    The new WashTec environmental seal can be found on all products and product components which are particularly eco-friendly and have a low environmental impact.


    Did you know, for instance, that...


    • ...a WashTec gantry system with water recovery uses 30 litres less fresh water per cycle than a domestic washing machine?
    • ...the new AquaX² uses roughly 70% less energy than a conventional gravel filter with an uncontrolled pump? A sound investment: operating costs are reduced by around €400/year!
    • ...all WashTec Chemical products are highly biodegradable and can be very reliably eliminated from used water?
    • ...nowadays virtually all of the raw materials from which WashTec systems are made can be recycled?
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    More than 7000 locations in Germany

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    WashTec opens the CarWash Shop on the Internet


    Investor Relations
    WashTec Investor Relations

    The latest 
    9-month report
    WashTec continued dynamic development...

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