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    profitability down to the last drop
    WashTec Water recovery AquaX²
    Water technology for the future

    AquaX® – the ecological, extremely space-saving filter concept for the recovery of process water without chemicals.
    WashTec Water recovery AquaPur
    The effective filter concept for good process water

    AquaPur® produces clean process water, economically and without chemicals.
    WashTec Water recovery MFM/A
    The water recovery system that's been proven in practice

    With the MFA and MFM filter systems, you're choosing cost-effective water recovery technology that's been proven in practice for commercial vehicles washing and conveyor tunnel systems.

    WashTec Water recovery AquaBio
    Fully biological waste water treatment

    AquaBio, the optimised filter concept for clean process water.

    WashTec also makes use of every opportunity to make your investment more profitable when it comes to washing technology. Using WashTec's water recovery technology, you can reduce your consumption of valuable fresh water to a minimum. And it's good for the environment too. That's a major argument for your customers.

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    More than 7000 locations in Germany

    You will find your nearest SofTecs car wash here...

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    WashTec AUWA-Chemie

    Recommended for all washing systems
    The cleaning and care range from the number 1 in the car wash business.

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    WashTec Show & Events

    Fascinating discoveries
    Discover WashTec at the world's most important trade fairs...

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