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    Removing dead insects

    Insects are often a problem when cleaning a vehicle. Dead insects burn into the paintwork and are therefore generally difficult to remove.


    Professional tip: Prewashing

    Most insects can be removed by intense high-pressure prewashing. You should therefore always make use of the possibility of a prewash. This softens the paintwork and the insects using foam and lots of water. The insects can then be removed more easily. It also reduces the risk of streaking or even scratches in paintwork due to insects. The car wash becomes considerably more effective.



    Professional tip: Subsequent treatment

    If insects still cannot be removed even in the most careful vehicle surface wash, they can be removed after the vehicle has been washed.

    • Cleaning with cleaning mastic
      Spray the paint surface affected with water containing washing-up liquid and slowly and carefully rub the cleaning mastic (available from your car wash operator or at petrol stations) over the insect residues. Keep rinsing with the detergent solution and working the mastic. Finally, wipe with a soft cloth.
    • Cleaning with polishing paste
      Apply polishing paste or paint cleaner to a moistened sponge and spray screen cleaner onto the surfaces to be treated. Wipe immediately with the sponge, pressing lightly, until the insect residues come off. Then allow to dry and wipe with a soft cloth.

    For tough cases

    This is when you need the good old newspaper. Moisten the newspaper evenly with water. Place sheets of newspaper onto the affected areas of paintwork and leave to soak for about 2 hours. Remove the newspaper and treat the surfaces as described above.



    • Never use an insect sponge or a microfibre cloth to remove insects!
      By their very nature, these products are guaranteed to scratch the surface of the paint!
    • Also, you should not use newspaper with a large amount of black print. This can cause discolouring of white and red paints.

    This doesn't work

    Insect bodies that have really penetrated the paintwork leave little white pits behind, if you look closely. The paint has been penetrated down to the primer and cannot be saved even by polishing. If necessary, the front of the car will need repainting.

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